Devolver Digital
Image: Devolver Digital

Renowned developer Devolver Digital is always at the front of the queue when it comes to bringing us a good old giggle, and today is no exception — despite the fact that the laughs have an undertone of worry to them this time.

The studio has today announced that it is hosting a showcase on 7th August. "Yay," you might think, "we're finally going to hear more about The Plucky Squire". But this isn't the kind of showcase that you want your most anticipated games to show up at, this is 'Devolver Delayed', a showcase dedicated to the titles that are "courageously moving into 2024" — oh no.

As the YouTube caption for the above stream so eloquently puts it, "The future's future is here today." Simple, right? Devolver Delayed will kick off on 7th August from 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 8AM PST, with the livestream covering everything that we are not getting on Switch this year.

The publisher behind last year's hits Cult of the Lamb and Return to Monkey Island have a couple of games lined up for Switch this year that we are particularly looking forward to including the aforementioned The Plucky Squire, Gunbrella, Pepper Grinder and more.

It sounds weird to think it, but let's hope that we don't see our favourite games at this showcase...

Which Devolver game do you not want to see get delayed? Let us know in the comments.