Following the launch of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk earlier this month on the Switch and PC, developer Team Reptile has now released its first major patch for the game.

Due to the "certification process" required on consoles, it means this patch has been slightly delayed for the Switch. Although it is only a PC patch for now, it's still an interesting insight into what players can expect when this update does arrive on consoles.

A lot of it is "focused on fixing mostly technical issues" but there's also a new mini-game app called the Micro Boy.

Here's what else players can expect in this first update, with a good chunk of these additions and fixes likely to be added to the console versions:

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk update - Patch 1


  • Added Micro Boy mobile game to the flip phone apps
  • Added a cypher spot to the Hideout
  • Added Knxwledge - hwbouths to the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Soundtrack
  • Added album art to the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Soundtrack
  • Added Paul Koster to Environment Artists in Credits
  • Added Localization teams to Credits
  • Added Benni the taxi driver's missing voice in taxi menu related cutscenes
  • Added OpenGL Core backend to Windows build
  • Added support for changing the movement controls and phone movement controls
  • Added a more explicit boost gate door to the intro of the chapter 3 dream


  • Fixed the transition from Versum Hill to Millennium Square sometimes soft locking
  • Fixed combo multipliers not resetting when entering a Robo-post mid combo
  • Fixed certain building edges in Mataan considered safe to respawn on
  • Fixed the police heat sensitivity being overly high in chapter 6
  • Moved garage unlocks to be one chapter earlier so discovered movestyle colorways can be used earlier
  • Fixed getting REP for redoing a graffiti spot after another crew has gone over it again
  • Fixed movestyle garages not working when playing as the FRANKS
  • Fixed a graffiti spot on a high billboard in Brink Terminal that did not save
  • Graffiti at the end of races no longer disappear upon reload
  • Completed Combat Encounters are not set as REP target anymore
  • Fixed Felix's last 2 outfits unlocking before finding the collectables for them
  • Fixed a lot of faulty grind lines that were breaking combos
  • Fixed many issues with missing colliders in the environment
  • Fixed Nice achievement now also works with BMX and Inline Skates
  • Fixed the artist and title names on several small graffiti pieces
  • Fixed VSYNC setting getting saved incorrectly
  • Players should no longer be locked out of boss battle environments when they fall out of the level
  • Oldhead, Base and Jay show correct number of outfits in character select
  • Players should no longer be able to fall out of the chapter 5 dream intro
  • Map on phone should no longer show graffiti spots that are not yet available
  • Fixed Rise’s second challenge activating before the first challenge is completed
  • The game no longer halts execution when the game does not have focus
  • Increased speed at which you can skip a cutscene
  • Ensured player loads into the right scene after a crash during scene changes so that cutscenes and character/movestyles/phone app unlocks are not missed by any chance
  • Shader change for certain VFX used by enemies including turrets that caused crashes for certain players on older hardware
  • Fixed several memory leaks causing crashes

Team Reptile also mentions how it plans to do a number of other things in an "upcoming patch" to further improve the overall experience. If you haven't tried out Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on the Switch yet, be sure to check out our Nintendo Life review:

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