The new wrestling game AEW: Fight Forever has been out for just over a week now, and the tech experts at Digital Foundry have now released their own review of the game, detailing the performance on the Nintendo Switch.

This game is running on Unreal Engine 4 and in docked mode has a resolution of 720p. As for portable mode, wrestling fans can expect "around" 480p.

While the visuals are already quite basic across all platforms according to DF, the Switch version lacks shadows, motion blur, the lighting is "much worse" and the image is considered to be "extremely fuzzy" on large screens. Texture detail has also been reduced to almost "zero" - making the experience incredibly blurry.

In saying this, it's considered to be in "better shape" than the WWE games on the Nintendo Switch and is still quite playable. DF also thinks the portable mode looks decent enough.

As for the frame rate, while other versions of the game run at 60fps and higher, the Switch version is capped at 30fps. It's "mostly very stable" but does have frame pacing issues. One other issue in the Nintendo release are the loading times, where the player is presented with black screens for about 5 or so seconds, breaking the flow of the experience.

For a second opinion, be sure to check out our own Nintendo Life review of AEW: Fight Forever:

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