Mojang has today expanded the range of Disney Pixar tie-ins in Minecraft with the release of the new The Incredibles DLC.

This new add-on will see you taking to the streets of Municiberg and fighting off some familiar foes (the Omnidroid, Screenslaver and The Underminer) as the Parr family and friends. Mr and Mrs Incredible, Violet, Dash, Jack Jack and Frozone are all playable in this expansion, each coming with their own unique abilities.

What's more, playing through the DLC will also grant you a super suit of your own (just make sure to remember where you put it away). The DLC comes with nine skins based on characters from the movies, so you can explore your own worlds as a member of the Parr family, one of their evil villains or, yes, Edna Mode.

For a little more information on what the add-on has in store, check out the following from a recent Mojang blog post:

The town of Municiberg might look sleepy, but as any good undercover Super knows, there are plenty of Villains creeping in the dark, plotting to destroy humanity. The Omnidroid, Screenslaver, Underminer, and their evil companions, to be exact!

Join Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, Mrs. Incredible, Mr. Incredible, and Frozone as you smash, sprint, and stretch your way into completing your top-secret mission of saving the world. From exploring the deceivingly calm Parr family home to rescuing hypnotized civilians in the train station and dodging laser attacks by evil robots, this will be one blocky adventure that puts both your brains and combat skills to the test!

The Incredibles DLC can now be downloaded from the Minecraft Marketplace — just make sure that your game is updated to the most recent version beforehand.

Will you be donning your super suit in Minecraft soon? Let us know in the comments.