Star Ocean: The Second Story / Second Evolution
Image: Square Enix

tri-Ace's action RPG series Star Ocean has had its ups and downs over the years, but after last year's Star Ocean: The Divine Force, it looks like Square Enix wants to ride the improved momentum and rerelease what may well be the best — and most popular — game in the series.

RPG Site (via VGC) has spotted a banner on the Square Enix Support website that has a logo on it for Star Ocean: The Second Story R, which is presumably a remake of the 1998 action RPG Star Ocean: The Second Story on PS1. This hasn't actually been announced by the popular RPG developer, though. Oops.

While the logo has since been removed (originally found via this link), RPG Site has grabbed a screenshot of it — which we won't host, but you can have a little look at it for yourselves. No details have been announced on the game just yet, but we can pretty confidently guess that this will be similar to 2019's remake of the first Star Ocean game (a Super Famicom title), Star Ocean: First Departure R. That remake came to Switch, so we certainly hope the sequel will follow suit and also come over to Nintendo's hybrid console.

Star Ocean: The Second Story was the first game in the series to be officially released worldwide. Starring Claude C. Kenny — a member of the space-faring Pangalactic Federation — and Rena Lanford — a young girl who lived on an underdeveloped (read: fantasy medieval) planet and has the power to heal — you can pick between the two protagonists, which will change which characters you can recruit in your party.

The game did get a remake for PSP in 2008 called Star Ocean: Second Evolution. Weirdly enough, this version was ported to PS4, PS3, and Vita in Japan in 2015, but never made it over to the west. Is 2023 finally the time that The Second Story makes its galactic return? We hope so. We'll have to wait and see what Square Enix says in the coming days or weeks.

Have you played Star Ocean: The Second Story? Would you like to see a remake or remaster come to Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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