With the release of the sweet new Tears of the Kingdom model, the Switch OLED has managed to rack up three particularly tasty special edition designs to date. But what do these consoles look like outside of promotional photos? How do they appear fresh out of the box? Do the colours really pop just like they do in our dreams? If only there was a way to find out...

Fortunately, there is! Our lovely video producer Alex has managed to get his hands on all three special edition models and has made an almighty unboxing video to show what each looks like up close. This includes the bright Splatoon 3 colour way, the chaotic Pokémon Scarlet and Violet one, and the latest Zelda design. Ok, it's only those three, but that's a pretty good lineup all the same.

If you have been sitting on the fence about whether to upgrade your current console to one of the sleek new models then this isn't going to do a good job to dissuade you, but come on, those details sure are nice.

So sit back, grab yourself a hot (or cold) beverage, and get ready for some serious console envy.

For a refresher on all of the special editions across the entire Switch family of consoles, be sure to check out our full list in the article below.

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