With less than two weeks remaining until the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on May 12th, 2023, it's perfectly natural to feel like a bit of preparation might be in order.

It's a good job, then, that video extraordinaire Felix Sanchez is on hand to explain everything you'll need to do to ensure you're ready to conquer the Sky Islands above Hyrule. Not sure whether to go physical or digital? No worries. Should you replay Breath of the Wild within the next couple of weeks? We'll go over the pros and cons to help you all make an informed decision (granted, there aren't a lot of cons to replaying Breath of the Wild).

If you're already good to go, however, then great! Perhaps you've got some suggestions for games to play to take your mind off the impending launch. Be sure to let the community know your best picks.

Are you prepared for Tears of the Kingdom yet? Comment below and let us know.