Super Mario Movie
Image: Nintendo, Illumination

Although the Mario Movie is now available to rent and buy in certain parts of the world, it's still setting records in cinemas around the world.

The latest update from Collider reveals the Illumination and Nintendo production has now officially overtaken Disney's Incredibles 2 to become the "third-biggest animated movie of all time" at the global box (not counting the 2019 remake of The Lion King).

Incredibles 2 made $1.243 billion globally and Mario has officially surpassed that figure banking $1,248 billion. The only animated movies still out in front include Frozen ($1.284 billion) and Frozen 2 ($1.45 billion).

The Mario animated movie has already surpassed Pixar and Disney classics like Toy Story 3, the original 1994 version of The Lion King and Finding Nemo, and is now officially Illumination's biggest animation of all time, ahead of Minions and Despicable Me 3.

As previously highlighted, the Mario Movie is now available on select digital and streaming services:

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