It was back in 2021 that we first heard about developer Nihon Falcom's plans to bring 2012's Japan-only action RPG The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails to Switch, and we have today found out that the game will be officially heading our way on 19th September.

There is a fresh story trailer for the game (found above) which itself is a spin-off from Falcom's 'Trials' series. That's right, alongside the localisation of Trails to Azure back in March and the planned release of Trails into Reverie in July, this game will be the third in the series that we get in the course of this year — pretty good going if you ask us.

Published by NIS America, Boundless Trails marks something of a departure from the rest of the series, containing no overlapping characters from the previous games, nor any mention of the continent of Zemuria. This one also adopts an action RPG style, so you can expect differences in the gameplay to what the series has shown before.

If the above story trailer has you interested, check out the following summary and screenshots from the publishers for a little more information.

Dive into adventure and join young Nayuta as he realises his dream of exploring beyond the horizon of his island home. After a fateful encounter with a fairy-like creature named Noi, he and his friend Cygna find themselves whisked away on an adventure through multiple worlds...what does the future hold for Nayuta?

A limited edition physical version of the game is still available to pre-order from the official NISA online store.

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