Industry legend Takahashi Meijin, best known for his work with Hudson Soft and his '16 shots per second' trigger finger, is (suitably) one of the supervisors on Star Gagnant, an upcoming rapid-fire shmup that flies onto Switch on 25th May.

Published by Regista, the game employs a unique rapid-fire system which will have you selecting a fire rate for various different situations and keeping an eye on your special gauge to ensure that it works as well as it can. There are four different modes available (arcade, caravan, challenge and rapid fire), each of which provides a twist on the standard shmup format so that the game can be played however you'd like.

The options don't stop there. There are two different visual styles for you to choose between and you can opt for either the original score or a chiptune arrangement if you are after the full retro experience.

For more information on what the game has in store, check out the following from its eShop listing:

Unique rapid fire system
- Implemented a unique rapid fire system that uses the SPECIAL gauge and changes attack power with your rapid fire speed.
- This system was created through discussion between developer Terarin and supervisor Takahashi Meijin.
- The point of strategy is to select an appropriate rapid fire speed according to the situation and manage the SPECIAL gauge.

Various graphics and enemy character designs

- Graphic designer Tenmaru created beautiful pixel graphics.
- Some unique enemies created from user ideas through crowdfunding will also appear.
- By switching in the option menu, you can also enjoy a slightly different "retro graphic" mode.

- In arcade mode, you will clear seven stages along the story.
- The mission will be completed when you clear all the stages. There are 4 levels of difficulty.


- In caravan mode, compete for high scores on a dedicated stage for only 2 minutes.

- In challenge mode, your control skills will be evaluated in each challenge, and your overall rank will be displayed at the end.
- You will be able to objectively evaluate your control skills and use them as opportunities for improvement.
- In arcade mode, caravan mode and challenge mode, supports local ranking and online ranking.

- In rapid fire mode, simply compete for rapid fire speed.
- Up to 4 players can play local matches.

- Great original music
- Includes two versions: the original version by HIROKKEY and the chiptune arrangement version by Taku Shiiba.
- You can switch the music version in the option menu.
- And in caravan mode and challenge mode, Takeaki "KINOKO" Kunimoto created the music.
- He has created music for many classic games in the past.
- This music makes this game more attractive.

Character voice
- In arcade mode, character voices are implemented in conversation scenes.
- This creates a realistic scene.

Star Gagnant heads over to the Switch eShop next week for £30.59 / €33.99 / $38.00.

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