Zelda: BOTW Link Shock
Image: Nintendo Life

The release of a new Zelda game means that we are going to be hearing about a whole lot of speedruns over the coming days/weeks/months and today's Tears of the Kingdom launch is no exception. Yes, somebody has already managed to beat the game in an eye-watering 94 minutes (thanks, VGC).

On the day of the game's launch, Zelda speedrunner @MrGymnast86 posted his best time on Twitter, with an any% speedrun of a little over an hour and a half. His tweet was accompanied by a video of the run in question, which we are obviously not going to add to this article on account of it showing huge portions of the game which most of us and you haven't even had the chance to play yet.

If you do want to see MrGymnast's run, then you can find it here. REMEMBER, only watch if you don't mind having many of the game's story elements totally spoiled!

Of course, it is very likely that this time is going to be quickly beaten as more people get their hands on the game. Link's new abilities including Ultrahand and Ascend will undoubtedly lead to some creative ways for speedrunners to get from point A to Z in the shortest time possible, despite some players already finding that certain Breath of the Wild glitch exploits don't work in the sequel. That the record will only get faster and faster.

As a reminder, we'll be avoiding spoilers in headlines and flagging them in articles here on Nintendo Life, but with the game now out in the wild, we can only anticipate social media services like Twitter getting more flooded with spoiler-y content over the coming days. Get those keywords muted if you are still yet to do so!

Have you had a chance to play yet? Let us know your thoughts so far in the comments below.

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