Mortal Kombat 11
Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Following on from last night's tease by the @MortalKombat Twitter account, PS Plus leaker @billbil_kun has revealed what they believe to be accurate information regarding the next entry in the fighting series, which they state will be titled Mortal Kombat 1. What's more, they have said that it will be coming to Switch.

The game will supposedly be available in three different editions (Standard, Premium and "Kollector's"), while an official announcement "should be close" — a potential PlayStation Showcase or June's Summer Games Fest, perhaps?

The title of this claim does make a certain amount of sense. The official Mortal Kombat teaser video from yesterday showed a second hand on a clock ticking past 9, 10, and 11 before leaping straight over 12 to land back on one. So, seeing a '1' in the title wouldn't be all that surprising — did somebody say "reboot"?

What is somewhat surprising is that the listed consoles on which the game will supposedly release are next-gen devices, plus the Switch. The leaker has proved reliable in the past so we won't completely dismiss this one just yet, but might we be looking at a cloud version of the game for those choosing to play on the comparatively smaller Nintendo console?

We'll just have to wait and see what any potential summer announcements will bring...

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