Update [Fri 26th May, 2023 09:00 BST]: Developer Strange Scaffold has confirmed that Sunshine Shuffle will now launch on the North American eShop on May 31st, 2023.

Seems like the confusion over child gambling has been cleared up!

Original Article [Wed 24th May, 2023 14:45 BST]:

Well, this is one we're almost sure we haven't seen before. Indie developer Strange Scaffold has revealed that its 'narrative poker adventure' game Sunshine Shuffle has been blocked from the Switch eShop in North America due to concerns over child gambling.

According to Xalavier Nelson Jr., the game was supposed to launch on the eShop today (May 24th, 2023) but his own media campaign about the game not teaching children to gamble has seemingly convinced Nintendo that it is indeed about child gambling. Whoops.

The game is available as planned in the UK and Europe for the price of £8.50 / €9.75, but searching for it on the North American eShop currently yields no results. It's unknown at this time whether Nintendo of America will reverse its decision, but it definitely seems like there's been some confusion over what the game is actually about.

Here's a look at the key features from the UK eShop page:

- A fusion of poker and narrative adventure, with a story that unfolds as you play!
- Deep neo-noir story told with style, care, and the pain of hindsight.
- Unlockable conversations that further reveal the story of the Morning Shift, and their lives before and after forming the infamous heist crew.
- Rewards for careful strategy that let you decorate the S.S. Sunshine your way; with plastic skeletons and fish bowls and a dice-themed carpet; as the universe intended.
- Original ska soundtrack from acclaimed musicians Skatune Network and RJ Lake!
- A seadog with an eyepatch named Fidelius.

We won't lie, this sounds like a proper good time! Hopefully, Nintendo of America will release the game onto the NA eShop in due course, but in the meantime, you'll have to visit another region's eShop if you're looking to purchase Sunshine Shuffle.

What do you make of this whole debacle? Leave a comment with your thoughts down below.

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