With all of us firmly focused on the release of Tears of the Kingdom, it can be easy to overlook all of the other games that will be making their way to Switch this month. So, if your May isn't already looking crammed with dungeon exploration, monster battles and a good helping of cooking, then perhaps Nippon Ichi's Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook will be able to fill you up.

Releasing on 26th May in Europe (23rd in North America), Monster Menu is a dungeon-crawling RPG from publisher NIS America where you will need to scavenge for supplies and cook them into hearty meals if you are to keep moving forward. These meals can provide stat boosts which look useful in the ensuing SRPG-style battles against dungeon monsters.

All of this is displayed with anime-style visuals which you can find in the system trailer above. For a little more information on some of the game's features, check out the following from the official NIS America site:

Survive the dungeon!
Freely wander the map while scavenging for plants and ore, or defeat monsters to obtain their flesh.
Stronger, more savage monsters appear as you progress further into the dungeon. Though the risk is greater, there's also a chance for better rewards.

Your biggest enemies are hunger and thirst!
While you can obtain useful materials the more you explore, most actions your adventurers take will use up their Calories and Hydration.
If their Calories and Hydration meters are empty, they'll be in no state for battle. However, you must push forward! Be mindful to maintain a well-balanced diet for adventuring.

Camp - the key to a successful adventure
When taking the stairs to progress to the next floor of the dungeon, you have the option to instead take a short rest at camp.
Before continuing your journey, use the materials you've gathered to cook, enhance your weapons, and prepare for chance encounters with strong enemies.

A limited edition physical version of the game including a whole bunch of bonus goodies such as an art book, soundtrack, chef's apron and even salt and pepper shakers is now available to pre-order from the NISA online store for $89.99.

Will you be going in for a taste of Monster Menu? Venture down to the comments and let us know.

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