Mario Kart Tour Mii Tour
Image: Nintendo

After seeing the King of the Koopas take the limelight for the past few weeks, the Bowser Tour is entering its final lap in Mario Kart Tour. As we have come to expect, the next tour has now been revealed and it looks like the focus is all about Miis this time around.

The aptly-named Mii Tour will be speeding off the start line on 17th May at 7:00am BST / 8:00am CEST and is set to bring back Mario Kart Double Dash's Mushroom Bridge circuit. All this was revealed by the official @mariokarttourEN Twitter account, which also provided a sneak peek at the course itself.

It looks like the circuit hasn't changed all that much as it heads over to Tour (yes, the speed boosts on the bridge's arches are still there), so we can expect to get a good GameCube experience.

With the reveal of the new tour also came the announcement of this season's Mii racing suits. Lemmy and Morton-inspired designs make up the new Mii wardrobe for this one, continuing the Koopa collection that started with the last tour.

As is usually the case, the end of the above suit reveal provides a teaser of which outfits are on their way next time. It looks like those after a Wendy suit to complete the Koopa collection are going to be disappointed, but the regal look of one silhouette has got us wondering whether a Princess Daisy design is on the way. We'll just have to wait and see...

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