Towards the end of last year, many of us donned our stovepipe hats and set about solving a series of grisly murders in 18th-century England in The Case of the Golden Idol on PC. At the time, we kept our fingers firmly crossed that the game would be making its way over to Switch (it even made our list of Switch ports we'd love to see in 2023), and now our wishes have been granted.

Yes, if the headline of this piece wasn't enough of a giveaway, Playstack and Color Gray Games have today announced that The Case of the Golden Idol will be heading to Switch. What's more, it's getting released next week on 25th May.

If you were not able to get in on the investigation last year, let's explain what this one is all about. The Case of the Golden Idol is a point-and-click text-based murder mystery where you are tasked with cracking the case behind a number of gruesome crimes in 18th-century England. These cases are presented as a snapshot for you to explore before deducing the suspect, motive and chronology of the events. All of this information is then piled into your interactive notepad, where you ultimately try to solve the mystery.

Think of Monkey Island meets Return of the Obra Dinn and you won't be a million miles off. There is a single big mystery that runs through the main game's 11 cases, and the Switch is also going to receive the game's DLC, 'The Spider of Lanka', from earlier this year, so we will be set for murders to solve for the time being.

For a little more information about the game itself and a look at some screenshots, check out the following from the publishers:

About the Game
The Case of the Golden Idol is a narrative detective game set in an alternate 18th-century England where players must investigate 11 most strange and gruesome deaths spanning forty years. Something awful connects these tragedies, providing a wider mystery for the player to unravel.

Optimised for Nintendo Switch
Each case is presented as a snapshot scene frozen in time. Players can freely search through these scenes in whichever fashion they choose to deduce the suspect, motive, and chronology of events. The player’s theory is then placed into an interactive notepad, which in turn will inform the player whether their theory is correct or not.
For the Nintendo Switch the UI has been overhauled to provide the best user experience when using the Nintendo Switch in both handheld or docked mode.

Both The Case of the Golden Idol and its DLC will be available to download separately or as a single discounted bundle from the Switch eShop on 25th May.

Are you excited to crack the case? Let us know in the comments.