The cosy Victorian toy-guiding puzzler Tin Hearts is out on Switch pretty soon here, on 20th April. And publisher Wired Productions and developer Rogue sun have revealed that it's now a timed-exclusive to the hybrid console, meaning those looking to play the game on other platforms will have to wait an extra month.

Managing director at Rogue Sun Kostas Zarifis highlighted the Nintendo community and the Big N itself for the support and love they've shown for the game, saying that the team is "honoured" to be working close with Nintendo. The game won “Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Game” at Gamescom 2022, which has spurred on support for the community.

To celebrate the news, Wired Suns shared a brand new gameplay trailer (below) which showcases a little bit more of how the puzzling, narrative, and the guiding will work in tandem. We've made the comparison multiple times, but it's like toy soldiers with Lemmings, which just evokes memories of us playing with our own toys as kids.

Check out the new trailer above, as well as some more exclusive Switch gameplay from earlier in the week.

Will you be grabbing Tin Hearts on Switch in two weeks time? Let us know in the comments.