Today's Nintendo Indie World presentation just revealed that Teslagrad 2 — the sequel to 2014's Wii U game — will be electrifying its way onto Switch today alongside a fully remastered version of its predecessor in Teslagrad Remastered.

We first heard about the follow-up title back in 2020, so it is a nice surprise to see the game getting the shadow drop treatment today. Teslagrad 2 will see you playing as Lumina, a young hero who is forced to use her electromagnetic powers to survive after crash landing on a forgotten island.

You can get a taste of the metroidvania gameplay from the above launch trailer, but for a little more information on some of the features that you can expect, check out the following from publishers Modus Games:

- An Electrifying New Heroine: Lead Lumina’s dangerous journey home, from a crash landing to an awesome realizing of dormant expertise of the lost art of Teslamancy
- A World of Mystery: The remote, abandoned land of Wyrmheim spans hand-drawn vistas, somber caverns and a landmark of grand steampunk architecture
- Supercharged Powers: Gracefully leap, glide and escape danger with the help of intuitive, satisfying electrical powers and an expansive Teslamancer skillset
- Peculiar Puzzles: Solve perplexities and clear obstacles by navigating true-to-physics puzzles designed to tease an adventurer’s curiosity and reward creative thinking
- Striking Visuals: Hand-drawn wilderness brimming with life blooms with a stirring blend of pastels and muted tones, bringing Teslagrad’s somber yet evocative environments to life

Launching alongside this electrifying sequel is a remastered version of the first game in the series. Teslagrad Remastered sees the original visuals getting an upgrade as well as the addition of 10 challenging new puzzles for you to take on.

You can check out the remaster's fresh trailer below:

Both titles will be available on the Switch eShop later on today and can be purchased either individually or as a new bundle.

Are you buzzing to zap up Teslagrad 2 or the remaster? Follow the current to the comments and let us know.