Night Trap
Image: Limited Run Games

Believe it or not, but the '90s interactive FMV game Night Trap is on the way to the Game Boy Advance in a 'Limited Run' release.

The physical dropped the surprise announcement via social media. Pre-orders are now live and it'll set you back $49.99 USD or your regional equivalent. It's worth noting this is "video only" and there's "no actual gameplay", apparently.

Here's a bit more about it from the store page:

"Sorry to do it to you again, Howie, but Night Trap is now available to watch on the Game Boy Advance. We asked ourselves, "There's got to be a better way to watch the hit FMV classic Night Trap on the go, right?" Years of R&D, blood, sweat, and tears later, we have triumphed—Night Trap is now on the Game Boy Advance! Vanishing Co-eds... Bloodless Bodies... Mysterious Intruders!

"Five beautiful co-eds are being stalked in an eerie estate. Hooded intruders are invading the mansion with blood on their minds. Watch the murderous action from hidden cameras in 8 different rooms—now in 240 × 160 glorious pixels!"

The website notes how this is available for "one weekend only" in honor of April Fools, so get in while you can and pre-order it if you are interested. This product is expected to ship in 4-6 months after the pre-order window closes.

A playable version of Night Trap was previously released on the Switch eShop in 2018, and also had a physical release.

Will you be getting in on this limited time offer? Comment below.