Nintendo held a surprise Indie World Showcase this week - sharing all sorts of announcements, but did you know there was also one in Japan? While they're often quite similar, this time around the Japanese one contained a lot of different announcements.

If you were wondering what was revealed during Japan's broadcast, we've now put together this round up featuring all of the announcements that were exclusive to this broadcast. Of course, many of these games are still making their way across to the West. Enjoy!

Every Game Announcement Exclusive To Japan's Indie World Showcase:

Rose and Camellia - Summer 2023

This game started out as a browser-based release, was ported to mobile and is now getting a release on Switch. The Switch version will come with the original campaign as well as three new scenarios. There's no word on a release outside of Japan.

"The graceful, beautiful, and elegant slap battle of the historied Tsubakikoji ladies has emerged. Your swipe becomes the face slap to your foes! This is the stylish, tremendous and gorgeous traditional duel of the historied Tsubakikoji family that has been run for ages. Reiko married Shunsuke who’s from the Tsubakikoji family. But the very next day, Shunsuke passed away." via Google Play

GigaBash - 3rd August 2023

"GigaBash combines the chaos and creativity of arena brawlers with the jaw-dropping scale of classic kaiju movies and games. Play as either a rampaging Titan or a Titan-hunting mecha; summon lightning from the heavens, use a radio tower as a baton, or roll a whole district (and your enemies) into a single massive snowball. Wreak enough havoc and you'll evolve into your final form, the terrifyingly titanic S-Class." via

Sea Of Stars - 29th August 2023

A Guidebook Of Babel - 3rd August 2023

"A Guidebook of Babel is a plot adventure game with butterfly effect at the core. After death, you will soon realize you've boarded the Babel...and while this may feel like the twilight zone, you will be given a pen to rewrite the past so future events can unfold." via

Dungeon Drafters - 2023

"Dungeon Drafters is a mystery dungeon adventure set in a world where magic is cards, and cards are magic. Explore ancient ruins, loot rare cards and employ clever combos to defeat your foes and build the legendary spell deck that could save the world." via Steam

World of Horror - Summer 2023

"A 1-bit roguelite RPG adventure inspired by Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft. Amid turn-based combat and unforgiving choices, experience the quiet cosmic horror of Shiokawa." via

Another Crab's Treasure - 2023

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (New Trailer) - 18th August 2023

What did you think of Japan's showcase? Are there any games in this round up you like the look of? Tell us below.