Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Sword
Image: Nintendo

The countdown to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is very much on, and in the run-up to the game's release Nintendo is taking a look back at Link's journey with the Master Sword throughout the series.

From what we have seen of Tears of the Kingdom so far, it's fair to say that the legendary blade has seen better days and, fortunately, all of those 'days' are showcased in a recent video published by @NintendoUK on Twitter.

The video recounts each time that Link has lifted the Master Sword throughout the mainline games from A Link to the Past all the way up to Breath of the Wild — discounting remasters, of course. There are six different entries to take a look at in the following clip reel, and we highly recommend watching it with the sound on for a hit of Zelda musical goodness (seriously, chills).

The Master Sword is such an iconic element of the franchise that we were somewhat surprised to see that TOTK will only be its seventh mainline appearance — but we suppose that all of those other swords (Phantom, Four, Lokomo, Gilded and the like) really do add up.

So, with it not being guaranteed that your first Zelda game was your first time with the Master Sword, we are curious to know when you first wielded it. Was it as far back as A Link to the Past, or did you not get a chance to brandish the blade until a more recent entry like Skyward Sword or BOTW? You can fill out the following poll to see how your sword experience matches up to everyone else.

When did you first wield the Master Sword?

Which is your favourite version of the Master Sword? Slash your thoughts in the comments below.

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