Octopath Traveler II
Image: Square Enix

Believe it or not but Octopath Traveler II only made its debut on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms last month.

If it has got you wondering about a third entry in this HD-2D series, the team isn't quite ready to discuss what's next. However, it has "casually chatted" about how certain parts of the series could evolve in the future.

Here's what Director Keisuke Miyauchi had to say during an interview with the Japanese publication Famitsu (translation via Nintendo Everything):

Famitsu: "Compared to the last entry, this game [Octopath Traveler II] has advanced a lot, but I can’t help but wonder, “If II has already evolved this much, what would they do if they made a III?” A bit premature to think about, though…"

Miyauchi: "We haven’t decided clearly on future developments yet, but we have casually chatted about what could evolve in the future."

The rest of the team sounds like it just wants to rest for a bit before even seriously considering a third outing, joking about how it was "out of ideas". At the very least, Miyauchi's response is promising for the future of the series.

If you've not played Octopath Traveler II yet, it's well worth a look. In our Nintendo Life review, we called it a triumphant and confident follow-up to the original hit - with Team Asano demonstrating mastery of its craft at every turn.

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