Funky Kong Lego
Image: LEGO

On MAR10, Lego gave us a sneak peek at an upcoming Donkey Kong figure, and ahead of DK's brick debut this summer, it's now given us even more of a teaser as to who else we can expect to be joining the Lego Super Mario sets.

Lego shared a brief clip on Twitter which shuffles through a handful of famous Kong figures. Donkey Kong won't be the only member of the crew joining the ranks, then, as Diddy, Dixie, Cranky, and Funky (!!!) are also on their way.

No more details on a release date, or just how these DK figures will be introduced to the world, have been shared as of yet. But we expect a lot of you are going bananas just to see some of DK's most popular characters get their shot at brick-building fame. Donkey Kong Country-inspired sets, anyone?

Will you be grabbing the DK Crew in Lego form this summer? Let us know in the comments.