Have a Nice Death
Image: Gearbox Publishing SF

The brutal roguelite Have A Nice Death has received its first update on Switch, Gearbox Publishing SF has announced.

While there were not too many tweaks to be made, it looks like this initial update is mainly focused on cutting down the game's loading times. Adjustments have also been made to certain bugs such as invisible attacks and glitches, and there are some minor changes to some level designs too.

The update's patch notes were shared by the publisher on its official site and you can find all of the details below:

Have a Nice Death Switch Hotfix (Updated 3rd April, 2023)

Better handling of the end of loading between levels (less visible freezes), and less performance issues at a start of a level (used to have poor performances a few seconds after the player spawn on some levels)
- Changed bundle organization (delete duplicate references) to reduce build size from 2go to 1.5go, and reduce loading times between levels (10% on average)

- In Department of Inevitable Time, players were able to go to the last hidden boss when they should not.
- Players were not able to rebind the inputs the first time he plugs a new controller.
- Minor level design fixes in all worlds.
- Players could be blocked after the Game over screen if they die after restarting a run (with pause menu).
- The game could crash during a fight in an arena with two Tempus (Department of Inevitable Time).
- Invisible attack from Time boss.
- Fixed an issue with the curse "Iranima"
- Logos didn’t appear at the start of the game.

We noted some of Have a Nice Death's earlier performance issues in our review, but had a great time with the game nonetheless, stating "the brutal difficulty, creative theming, and satisfying combat all combine to make this a memorable and worthwhile experience". Here's hoping that the update can start to eliminate some of these problems and improve the play experience in the process.

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