We are still a couple of months away from Front Mission 2: Remake's Western debut on 12th June, but we now have a brand new trailer to keep us interested in the meantime.

This latest promo from publisher Forever Entertainment is all about explaining the story of the upcoming sequel and unpacking the origins of the in-game civil war. Most of this takes place through what looks like gameplay footage, so we can begin to get an idea of how much the visuals have changed from last year's first remake (answer: not all that much).

Fortunately, we found the visuals to be one of the redeeming features of the prior game, which was also held up by a strong story. This was let down by some randomised battles and combat, so if that can be tightened on this follow-up then things might be looking a little more positive.

We imagine that more Front Mission 2: Remake trailers will be on the way in the coming months as we approach the release date. Maybe even an update on the third game in the remake series too, though we're perhaps getting a little ahead of ourselves there...

What do you make of Front Mission 2: Remake so far? Let us know in the comments.

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