Mr. Sun's Hatbox is a brand-new roguelike that's all about stealing hats and getting the job done. Announced last year for PC and consoles, we can exclusively reveal that the game will also be coming to Switch, and you don't have long to wait to become a bonnet burglar, as the game launches on 20th April.

Developed by Kenny Sun, who has previously worked on the "Tinder for aliens" game Tender: Creature Comforts, Mr Sun's Hatbox throws you into a world where you need to embark on dangerous, ridiculous missions to gather as many hats as you can. It's an intricate mission, one that you need to build your own base for and create an entire organisation to become the ultimate trilby tea leaf.

What's all this for, then? Well, you're just trying to retrieve a package. That part is the honest job. Crafting your own ultimate hat basement with all sorts of staff and workers might seem excessive, but the game embraces its absurd premise and looks to be a total delight.

Here's what to expect from the game from publisher Raw Fury:

Key Features:

Base, Sweet Base: Expand your HQ to upgrade your gear, heal your heroes, and display your glorious hats
Every Mission, A New Adventure: Procedurally generated platformer levels present a host of obstacles to overcome, via cautious stealth or spirited ambush
Assemble Your Staff: Build a quirky team with an array of unique traits that will help or hinder your critical efforts
Collect the Whole Set: Capture dozens of hats to wear, weapons to upgrade, and enemies to brainwash
Chaos is Inevitable: No amount of preparation, stealth, or hats will guarantee your safe return to base. But they sure help!

With many roguelikes and roguelites looking at death and dying, cap capers feel like the light relief we need. Surely it'll be a very calming, not dangerous experience, right? Perhaps we should put on our safety helmets.

Mr Sun's hatbox is out in two weeks' time, on 20th April, on Switch eShop. Let us know whether you'll be donning your crafty cloche or swindlers sombrero in the comments.