Super Mario Run
Image: Nintendo

When it comes to Nintendo's mobile offerings, it's safe to say that the general consensus amongst fans is something along the lines of "yeah, good effort, but not what we're looking for". Despite this, Mario Kart Tour in particular has seen considerable success over the last few years with no signs of slowing down, but when you look at games like Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World, it certainly feels like they've just sort of come and gone (quite literally with Dr. Mario's case).

With this in mind, Variety recently sat down to speak with Shigeru Miyamoto on the upcoming launch of the new Super Mario Bros. Movie, and the legendary creator made it quite clear that future Mario titles will likely not appear on smartphones in any capacity, stating “Mobile apps will not be the primary path of future Mario games.”

While it might sound somewhat obvious that the majority of Mario games will in fact be built specifically with consoles in mind, it will no doubt be music to the ears of those who haven't been on board with Nintendo's venture into the mobile world back in 2016 with Miitomo and later Super Mario Run.

The news comes off the back of the formal establishment of Nintendo and DeNA's new collaborative company known as 'Nintendo Systems Co., Ltd', which will leverage each company's respective expertise in entertainment and technology to deliver new Nintendo entertainment to consumers.

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