Publisher Rogueside has announced that Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic will be making its way to the Switch in 2023.

Boasting some adorable visuals, the game sees you hunting for hidden objects across various time periods in the history of mankind, all the while allowing players to alter the world as they see fit, from structure designs to colour combinations. It looks cute!

Here's some official information from Rogueside:

Join Clicky on a new, enchanted adventure in Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic! This charming 2D hidden object game is sure to delight with its playful tone, cozy vibes and endless fun. Search for all the hidden objects scattered around beautiful hand-drawn worlds, and unlock more as you go. With both a single player campaign and an online mode where you can create your own dreamworld, the adventure never ends!

Story Mode
Set out on a journey through four magical eras, discovering all the items hidden within. Find objects to advance through the stages and explore the storyline of each era – who knows what secrets you’ll uncover next!

Master the power of time with the brand-new Reality Shift feature, adding an extra dimension to your hidden object experience. Shift from Day to Night, Summer to Winter, … and explore maps in multiple states. But keep an eye out for those objects only present in one or the other!

Architect 2.0:
Have a creative streak? The improved Architect Mode lets you build and share your own unique experiences with greater ease than ever before! Show off your map-making skills and see how your creations stack up against those of others.

Improved Customization Options:
In addition to the improved visuals, Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic also offers increased customization options with Architect 2.0. Create custom structures and dozens of characters with one click, or sculpt terrain any way you want with the all-new terrain painter. Why not let your creativity run wild and build the map of your dreams?

We'll have more information on a release date for Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic as soon as we hear.

Will you be picking this one up for your Switch? Locate the comments section and let us know! It's not hidden though, don't worry...