Image: Heart Core

Developer Heart Core has announced that the boss rush game Gripper will be getting several quality-of-life updates in the coming weeks and months, adding a sizeable list of additions and improvements that should prove welcome for players.

Primarily, since the game currently only has one difficulty option, the team is implementing three unique difficulty settings based on player feedback: Normal, Hard, and Impossible. It's also been confirmed that Normal and Hard modes will include new checkpoints in the 'Tunnels' sections of the game, which should provide some respite.

While there's no indication as to when the improvements will be added at this time, here's a list of everything that's being currently worked on:

- Difficulty Modes Added
- Checkpoints in the Tunnels added
- Shock Tunnel Spikes are more predictable now
- Health Packs refill rate increased
- Boss Shock — shocking attack damage decreased, frustrating notifications won’t repeat anymore
- Boss Anger — various balance adjustments
- Boss Depression — bug fixes and notification count reduced
- Boss Zero — battery visual feedback added & balance adjustments
- Skin Unlock tips added
- Quests Victory screen added
- Achievements Unlock conditions fixed
- Consumable usage bugs fixed
- Japanese audio correct detection available
- DX12 Selection in the RTX menu
- “RTX requires DX12” tip / switch added

In our review of Gripper, we said that the game does get a lot right, but with repetitive dialogue and frustratingly obtuse boss designs, it didn't impress us as much we'd hoped. Check out our full thoughts below:

Will you be checking out Gripper now that it's about to get some much needed improvements? Let us know with a comment.