Publisher Leoful has today revealed that PiXEL's side-scrolling kung fu beat 'em up and retro throwback Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist is launching on the Switch eShop on 31st March. Plus, if you pre-order now, you can get yourself a 10% discount.

Created as a homage to the 16-bit era, with chiptunes and sound effects that sound like they're from a Sega Genesis game, Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist sees the titular hero embark on a quest to save her sister from the Dark Dragon. It's a classic tale of heroism, complete with some retro-style kung fu action.

This marks the game's first release in the west, and with this new version, there are a ton of new features coming to the game. A brand new story mode featuring Xiaomei's sister Xiaoyin will be playable, along with more new characters and content to unlock as you progress through the game.

With from former Namco composer Norio Nakagata (of Zombie Nation, Isolated Warrior, and Genpei Tōma Den fame) and sound effects from one-time Sega sound designer Hirofumi Murasaki (Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, Clockwork Knight, Daytona USA 2001), there's some strong retro pedigree to go along with the old-school charm of Xiaomei's adventure and visuals:

Pre-orders for Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist are open now on the Switch eShop in both the UK and North America. Get your fists of fury ready to save your sister when the game drops on 31st March.

What do you think of Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist? Keep fisticuffs out of the comments but do let us know your thoughts!