Akka Arrh was, for a long time, one of Atari's long-lost treasures, an arcade shooter that was scrapped back in the '80s. After making its return in Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, legendary game designer Jeff Minter and his studio Llamasoft brought an updated version to consoles in the form of a kaleidoscope of colours and sounds.

Atari sat down with Minter in a recent video to discuss how and why he decided to bring this once-lost classic back from the brink, with updated visuals, gameplay, and sounds. It's a brief video, but Minter's experience and interests shine through as he details the process from how the original ROM was saved to his decision to make the game a bit more "relaxed".

Minter also details his inspirations from former Atari producer and developer Eugene Jarvis — responsible for Defender and Robotron: 2084, among other titles. If you're a fan of Minter's work or are even just curious about Akka Arrh, you should check the video out above.

Not only that, but earlier today, Atari announced that physical copies of the game will be available to pre-order from this Friday, 10th March, from Limited Run Games in North America. In Europe, Numskull Games is handling physical pre-orders, including limited quantities of a Day One Edition, but those aren't due to be available until the spring.

Akka Arrh Physical LRG
Image: Limited Run Games

Our lovely friends over at Time Extension had a chance to sit down with Jeff Minter last month to talk all things Akka Arrh, Atari, and sheep. Though there aren't any sheep in Akka Arrh, unfortunately.

Have you picked up Akka Arrh on Switch yet? Are you happy with how it turned out? Let us know in the comments.