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Image: Nintendo

We're used to hearing about the global growth and expansion of Nintendo, but its business operations in Southeast Asia have been cut back in recent times.

According to the video game giant's website, both of its official stores in Thailand have been closed. The JD Central store only opened its doors in December 2021. Here's a short statement attached to both closures (via

"This store has been closed. Thank you for always using the service Nintendo Official Store Thailand."

One store was operating under the retailer JD Central and the other Lazada. JD's Thailand subsidiary is actually closing its doors, which appears to be the reason behind the JD Central store closure. JD was also partly responsible for the operation of Nintendo's official repair services site in the country (a joint venture with WeJoin).

Official Nintendo products will still be available online from Maxsoft and Jaymart.

If we hear any other developments, we'll let you know.

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