Theatrhythm Final Bar Line
Image: Square Enix

The latest instalment in Square Enix's Final Fantasy rhythm series, Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, played its way onto the Nintendo Switch last month to high praise (we gave it a 9/10 in our review). A new big-fixing update was released for the title's PS4 release last week and we are now happy to see that the tweaks have made their way over to Switch.

This update is focussed on fixing five different problems that have been found in the game since release including unexpected freezes and incorrect credits on certain songs. All of these issues now appear to be solved, though the team at Square Enix is always on the hunt for more by the looks of it.

The full patch notes for this one were shared on a recent developer blog post, though we have assembled them for you to take a look at below:

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Update (Released 4th March, 2023)

Error 1:
The game freezes on a black screen on startup.

Fixed an issue causing ProfiCard save data to become corrupted after manually erasing a summonstone from the Edit Party menu.
Upon installing the patch, summonstones will be removed from the ProfiCard save data, and the game will start normally for affected players.

Error 2:
The game crashes or freezes on a black screen when transitioning to the Music Stages menu.

Fixed an issue where the last selected song could not be determined after moving from Music Stages to a different screen while an unpurchased DLC song is selected with songs sorted by difficulty.
Upon installing the patch, the Music Stages menu will open normally for affected players.

Error 3:
An incorrect composer name is displayed for the song "Melodies Errant" in the Music Player.

Corrected the composer of "Melodies Errant" to be "Naoshi Mizuta" from the previous and incorrect "Nobuo Uematsu."

Error 4:
The game freezes when selecting the Favorites tab in Music Stages.

Fixed an issue causing the game to freeze when selecting the Favorites category in either Music Stages or Multi Battle song selection after songs were added to favorites from the other menu.

Error 5:
Restarting a song just before a game over results in an All Critical.

Fixed an issue where an All Critical would occasionally be given after selecting "RETRY" from the pause menu just before the HP gauge reaches 0%.

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