A Super Mario 64 speedrunner has managed to do the impossible and get the "Impossible 1-Up" in Cool, Cool Mountain without dying.

Using a TAS (tool-assisted speedrun), Alexpalix1 — also known as PaLiX — demonstrates that it is actually possible to survive grabbing this extra life, provided you have a few hours of spare time as well as do precision-perfect wall-jumping (via GamesRadar).

The "Impossible 1-Up" was first grabbed by toyuru2 over nine years ago, but not without dying. This created a brand new challenge in the Super Mario 64 speedrunning community, where players attempted to get this 1-Up without dying. It has only just been achieved, in 2023.

The Impossible 1-Up is hidden in the slide part of Cool, Cool Mountain, the level infamous for the penguins that everyone is so mean to. In the TAS, Mario clips through the wall right by the slide to follow a 1-Up, and then proceeds to wall jump for around an hour and a half. Mario then has to hit a very specific part of the wall, and eventually free-falls up until he clips through the tunnel and gets the green mushroom. Easy, right?

TAS' are incredible pieces of kit and take a lot of work to implement, so this is a hugely impressive discovery. The Super Mario 64 speedrunning community are abuzz with the news — it's probably one of the most popular games to speedrun, with tons of different categories you can enter, including many other "Impossible" items such as the "Impossible Coin".

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