Super Mario 64
Image: Nintendo

It's pretty well known at this point that during the 'Cool, Cool Mountains' stage in Super Mario 64, you can chuck the poor baby penguins off the edge of the cliff to their doom. But did you know you can also cause the adult penguins to plummet to their deaths too, thus extinguishing the entire family from existence? Nope, we didn't either until today!

In a post on Twitter, user 'Supper Mario Broth' shared an explanation as to how this can be accomplished, utilising exploits discovered by multiple experts. As a slight caveat, you'd need the Japanese version of the game to pull it off, but you can basically cause both adult penguins to fall off the map using very specific button prompts and careful planning.

If you're able to master the solution laid out in the explanation (the video below showcases how to make one of the penguins fall off the slide), you'll be able to banish the poor penguin family from existence in one go. Either that, or they're simply doomed to exist in a state of perpetual motion, never to feel the cool snow under their feet or glimpse the comforting light of day again. Hmm, bit morbid, right?

Still, regardless of the outcome, it's pretty cool to see talented individuals essentially break games like this. It makes us wonder just what else can be discovered in Super Mario 64 after all this time!

Let us know in the comments if you're able to attempt this particular trick, and whether or not you manage to pull it off!