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Publisher Live Wire has announced its Spring Sale for the Switch eShop across all regions, with up to 30% off selected shmup titles. The savings are available right now and will be sticking around until 16th April, so you have plenty of time to snag one game at a discounted price and play it through before doing the same with another title.

"But just what games are available?", we hear you cry, well worry not because we've got you covered. Live Wire has announced that four of their distributed shmups are getting discounted for the sale period with even some recent entries like Radiant Silvergun making the cut.

You can check out the four games on offer in the table below:

Title Discount Sale Price
DoDonPachi Resurrection 30% $13.99 / £10.70
Espgaluda II 30% $13.99 / £10.70
Mushihimesama 30% $13.99 / £10.70
Radiant Silvergun 20% $15.99 / £12.23

If you want to make your pennies go even further then why not grab an eShop card from our store and save 5% on your purchase? Just enter the code NLIFE5 at the checkout to get saving.

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Will you be picking up any of the above titles in the Live Wire sale? Shoot your thoughts in the comments below.