Unusual video game adverts aren't uncommon, but more and more we see product placements and advertisements for other items that use video games. But an ad for Rohto eye drops in Japan has caught people's attention because the whole commercial uses edited Street Fighter II footage. (Thanks for the tip, GreatSong1!)

Posted on Twitter by the company (via EventHubs and Time Extension), the advert is equal parts bizarre and impressive. It features Ryu and Dhalsim towards the end of a bout, both struggling to stay on their feet with a sliver of health left. Then, both characters hold up a packet of eye drops, and use them by executing an attack — each getting their own very cool cut-in in the process. The commercial ends with both characters getting KO'd at the same time, joyous and relieved that their eyes feel better.

It's definitely unique, but props to Rohto, it's incredibly well put together. And, eagle-eyed Street Fighter Fans might just spot a newer character in the background. Luke, who made his debut in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition as the last new playable character for the game, and who will be the star of the upcoming Street Fighter VI, sits to the left of the stage, watching proceedings.

Luke Street Fighter II Street Fighter II Rohto Eye Drop Commercial
Image: Rohto

What a cool little nod to the future of Street Fighter, as well as just an amusing and well-put-together advert.

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