Peppa Pig: World Adventures
Image: Outright Games

The newest Peppa Pig game, Peppa Pig: World Adventures, has taken a lot of people by surprise by including a rather sudden tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away in September last year.

The moment was spotted and shared on Twitter by Twitch streamer Ray Narvaez Jr. (thanks, Kotaku), who has been playing the game. Peppa Pig: World Adventures sees you, as the titular piglet, travel around the world and visit various different cities with your friends and family. On day five, you go to London. Peppa and her family visit Buckingham Palace and meet Queen Elizabeth II, who takes them on a tour around the city in a double-decker bus.

Once returning to Trafalgar Square (at around 8:55 in the video below from WishingTikal), Peppa Pig gets off the bus and starts jumping in puddles, with the Queen joining in alongside the rest of the family as she had done in the show itself. Then, as the day draws to a close, the scene fades to black and an 'In Memoriam' screen for the deceased monarch appears. It's a little bit jarring, especially in a kids' game.

Narvaez's reaction — which he shared on Twitter in a rather expletive-filled clip (so be warned if you click the link) — says it all really. And it's gained traction on Twitter from others who have also expressed surprise at the way the In Memoriam is used in-game. It's an understandable mark of respect given how prominently the Queen features in the London segment, although it's one sharp tonal shift coming after a relatively sweet, lighthearted moment with no warning at all.

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It's something we wouldn't have been surprised to see in the credits of the game, but the suddenness of it following Peppa's signature puddle-jumping antics definitely caught us by surprise.

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