Mario Movie X Lush 1
Image: Lush

The Super Mario Bros. Movie advertising campaign is firing on all cylinders right now, and the latest partnership is an unlikely union between the plumber and vegan cosmetics brand Lush.

Shared on Nintendo Wire (via GoNintendo), Lush is launching a whole new range of bathing and cosmetic products today, inspired by Mario and his friends. This is to tie in with the Mario Movie's release on 5th April — not long now!

The range includes bath bombs that look like Question Blocks (that hide a secret soap), Gold Coin soaps, a body spray inspired by Princess Peach, and shower jelly based on Bowser and Peach. How there isn't a bath Bob-omb, though, will forever be a mystery to us.

You can check out all of the products on Lush's store in the UK right now — with the items due to go on sale at 6am PT / 9am ET in the US, though if you have the Lush App, you can check them out right now. And if you order anything, you can get it all sent to you in a Question Block gift box — a little bit like Amazon's new Mario-themed packaging.

Here's a little look at just a handful of products, which range from £5.00 for a bar of soap to £30 for body spray:

Well... not a collaboration we expected, even if it was teased back on MAR10 day. We reckon these will sell out very quickly, so get to it if you want to power up your bathing. Kids will love them, and young at heart will love them too.

Share your disappointment in the lack of a Bob-omb with us in the comments.

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