We are nearing the release of Metroid Fusion on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack GBA library on 9th March, and it's fair to say that we are all pretty excited. Nintendo published its own advert for the upcoming release just last week, but those after a real throwback might want to check out the game's original commercial from 2002 — the director's cut of which can be seen above in HD.

This version differs from the one that originally aired back in 2002, containing some extra shots of Samus powering up and with a slightly different voiceover amongst other little changes. The longer cut was uploaded to YouTube by Shinesparkers after being shared by the trailer's original director, Bruce Hunt. In all of its glorious HD, it stands today as a proper blast from the past — just look at those costumes.

They just don't make ads like they used to, do they! Instead of focussing on unimportant things like, we don't know, gameplay and retail information (*yawn*), this 20-year-old advert is all about pulpy vibes and we kinda love it.

Yes, it's cheesy as they come and tells us next to nothing about the game itself (notably, even the rating information is missing from the director's cut), but if you asked us which Metroid Fusion trailer is the more memorable between this and the NSO one released last week, there would really be no competition.

What are some of your favourite classic Nintendo commercials? Let us know in the comments.

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