Mario Movie Boots
Image: Aaron Rice / Red Wing Shoes

Update [Mon 13th Mar, 2023 13:30 GMT]: Of all of the things on our Mario Movie Direct bingo card, the reveal that a replica of Mario's shoes would be going on display in New York's Nintendo Store was not high on the list. But hey, here we are.

With the boots now out in the wild, the replica's creator, Red Wing Shoes, has shared a behind-the-scenes video of the build process and it is a very satisfying watch.

If you were thinking that the prototype shoes would be nothing more than a model, think again. As the above video shows, this is a real pair of boots consisting of leather, stitches and a rubber sole, and they look as if they could really be worn (if you had feet as deep as Mario's).

The shoes themselves are currently on display in the Nintendo Store NY, where they will remain throughout the month of April.

Original article [Thu 9th Mar, 2023 22:45 GMT]: Well folks, we have now seen the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, what did you think? Not that full of surprises, huh? You know what was a surprise, though? The final reveal that a replica model of Mario's boots from the movie will soon be appearing at New York's Nintendo Store. A model. Of Mario's boots.

Yep. After revealing the final trailer and seeing some classic forced interaction from the lead cast, Miyamoto made the unexpected announcement that a new movie promo will be appearing at the NY store in the shape of Mario's boots. If you find yourself in the area, you can stop by and see them from tomorrow (10th March), what better way is there to celebrate MAR10 Day, after all?

Whether it was the fact that this was teed up as "just one more thing to share" from Miyamoto himself, or the ensuing crash zoom in on Mario's animated boots, we couldn't help but find the WTF-factor of the whole thing kind of hilarious. And there we were expecting the "one more thing" to be a new game — pfft, bunch of dreamers...

For everything that we saw in the actual trailer in this Direct, check out our coverage below:

What did you make of the new trailer? Get your boots on and trek down to the comments to let us know.