Norwich-based developer Newfangled Games' upcoming puzzler is a stunning-looking top-down adventure where the world is made out of paper. Paper Trail has a soft colour palette and a unique visual style to it, but rather than just being a visual quirk, you can fold, crease, and change the paper world around you.

Paper Trail is set to launch this year on Switch and all platforms — including a newly-announced Netflix release. In the game, a young girl called Paige (get it?) is leaving home for the first time to study. You'll need to help Paige by using your paper-craft skills by folding and unfolding the world to make a path.

The game has garnered plenty of awards in the run-up to its release, such as 'Most Innovative' at IndieX and 'Best Family Game' at the Gamescom Awards. But don't just believe the accolades — have a look at the game below and check the main features below:

• A folding world – folding and joining paths together to explore and progress. Alter the fabric of the world, contorting, spinning, rotating, twisting as players try to untangle the puzzles.
• Engaging puzzles and intriguing people –
puzzles that challenge wits and bring the player through the world of Paper Trail. Travelling through the folds will introduce Paige to a unique cast of characters, who tell their stories and enlighten Paige about the wider world.
• Handcrafted beautiful environments –
from deep dark caves that have been untouched for years to the tallest treetops buffeted by rain. Explore a variety of handcrafted environments as Paige makes her journey to university, taking in the sights and wonders as she goes.
• An enchanting art style –
experience the art of Paper Trail which draws heavily from flat aesthetic styles, like printmaking and watercolour, blended to create a uniquely styled game that compliments the paper theme.

If Paper Trail has managed to sign, seal, and deliver with everything above, you won't need to wait too long. The game is due out later this year on Switch, and it looks like it'll fold over the puzzle game world with its unique gameplay and charming visuals.

Are you folded over by Paper Trail? Have a paper party in the comments.