Splatoon 3
Image: Nintendo

The latest update is now here for the Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android devices.

Amongst the usual tweaks, this latest version expands on the service's Splatoon 3 content, most notably adding the option to have game widgets on your device's lock screen. This means that you can now check the in-game stage schedule without even having to unlock your phone — pretty neat.

For the time being, it looks like the Stage Schedule is the only widget that is readily available to be added to the lock screen, with Battle Logs, Current Gear and Album options still tethered to the home screen only. These lock screen capabilities are only available to those with iOS 16 or higher, as outlined in the rather brief patch notes:

Splatoon 3 widgets can now also be used on the lock screen in iOS 16.

Various other small changes have also been made.

This is certainly a handy addition, especially if you are looking to splat in the new stages included in Fresh Season 2023. For a full rundown of everything added for the latest season, be sure to check out our guide below.

Will you be adding Splatoon 3 to your phone's lock screen? Let us know in the comments.