Mario Strikers: Battle League
Image: Nintendo

It looks like Nintendo has finished with the big character-adding updates for Mario Strikers: Battle League after Bowser Jr. and Birdo were added back in December 2022. This doesn't mean, however, that the game will now sit update-free for the rest of time, as proven by Nintendo's latest patch to remove some pesky crashes.

It looks like there were a couple of bugs in the game up until recently, though the main one (nay, the only one that Nintendo officially discloses) seems to have been a result of an unfortunate Stadium theme and character pairing.

While the notes do not officially state which lineups were a problem for the game, this issue appears to have now been fixed. You can find this and (a little) more in the rather brief patch notes below:

Mario Strikers: Battle League ver. 1.3.2 (Released 8th March, 2023)

Issues Fixed

- Fixed an issue in which certain combinations of Stadium Themes and characters could cause the game to crash.

- Fixed several other issues to improve the gameplay experience.

Bit short, innit? For a reminder of our thoughts on the game, check out the full review below:

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