Build-A-Bear Pokémon — Growlithe
Image: Nintendo Life

After a series of leaks this weekend, it has now been confirmed that Growlithe will be the next Pokémon to get the Build-A-Bear treatment. The Fire-Type has begun to appear in online stores for those who are part of the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club, and we imagine that general access will be just around the corner (thanks, Nintendo Everything).

This cuddly Growlithe is currently available to purchase online as a part of a bundle only, which also adds in a cape, pyjama set and 5-in-1 sound chip alongside the plushie. This set (currently listed as an online exclusive) will set you back £56, which is the kind of price that we have come to expect from the collaboration.

That amount of money might seem a little expensive, yes, but take a look at the images below and see if those sweet little eyes can change your mind...

Growlithe joins the Build-A-Bear plushie ranks alongside the likes of Leafeon, Teddiursa, Mew, Pikachu and more. All of these can be found with other gaming-themed plushies like the Animal Crossing collection over on the Build-A-Bear website, but note that Growlithe will not be visible for the moment unless you are an email subscriber.

Will you be picking up a Growlithe plushie soon? Let us know in the comments.

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