Publisher Forever Entertainment has today announced that the strategic mech battler sequel, Front Mission 2: Remake will be heading over to Switch on 12th June.

Following on from its predecessor (Front Mission 1st: Remake) this will be the first time that the series' second entry has been available outside of Japan and it promises to contain much more of the same battlefield action.

This game takes place 12 years after the events of the former, continuing the storyline to show what happened to the impoverished People's Republic of Alordesh after the war. The storyline was one of the most appealing aspects of the former entry, which we felt was let down by the randomness of the in-game combat.

It looks like developer Storm Trident has made some tweaks to the gameplay for this one, though they are (admittedly) a little few and far between from what we can see at the moment. Hey, at least we can rely on an engaging story and visuals, we guess.

For an idea of some of the in-game features in the sequel and a taste of what the visuals might look like this time around, check out the following from Forever Entertainment:

- Improved loading speed
- Support for many new languages (EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, DE, PL, ZH, JA)
- New 'free camera' option to zoom in during gameplay and check out Wanzers in detail
- New coloring and camouflage options
- Modern in-game effects
- Renewed soundtrack

From 12th June, the game will be available to purchase for $34.99 / 34,99€ (around £30). Although it might not have got off to the best start, here's hoping that this sequel can keep the series moving in the right direction.

Will you be picking up Front Mission 2: Remake? Blast your thoughts in the comments below.