As a part of the recent D&D Direct presentation, we got our first look at some brand-new Dungeons & Dragons-themed Minecraft DLC that will be adventuring its way into the game at some point this spring (thanks, Polygon).

While the above trailer might not give the most precise details in regard to the DLC's release date, it does give a pretty good impression of what we might encounter in the Forgotten Realms including Icewind Dale and Candlekeep as well as Mojang's take on some blocky baddies like Beholders, Mindflayers and Gelatinous Cubes.

The fantasy and adventure aspects of the game are certainly there, but the thing that we are really liking from this trailer is the elements of tabletop gameplay. With the open pizza box, cans of drink and lore books at the ready, it's nice to see that the DLC encompasses all aspects of D&D, from board to battlefield.

The story-driven DLC is said to last around ten hours — which is pretty meaty in the grand scheme of things — and will let you play as a variety of classes including paladin, barbarian, wizard, or rogue. You can even equip different items to improve your stats and abilities for the full campaign experience.

While we do not have a more precise release date than 'Spring 2023' at the moment, we sure are ready to roll. Keep an eye out for more precise details over the coming weeks.

Are you ready to explore the Forgotten Realms in Minecraft? Adventure down to the comments and let us know.

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