Back in 2019, LimboLane released Smile For Me on PC to rave reviews and a cult following. The Switch version was teased during last year's festive House of Indies, and now publisher Serenity Forge has revealed the game will launch on the eShop on 24th April. A physical version will follow in the summer.

Describing the premise of Smile For Me makes it seem innocent enough — the game is a point-and-click adventure where you can't speak, and your only way of communicating is by nodding and shaking your head. But watch the trailer and, well, we're not sure what to make of it. We're in love, intrigued, and a little unsettled, all at the same time

Puppet narrator Doctor Habit needs to be de-masked before "all is lost", and plenty of unusual characters that look like paper cut-outs adorn the world of the Habitat. It's a blend of Paper Mario, EarthBound, and Undertale, but with a point-and-click veneer. But it also looks like nothing else we've ever seen before.

We best consult the game's Steam page for more answers, then:

- Explore a beautiful world
- Solve a mouthful of tricky puzzles
- Chat with 23 peculiar characters

But that’s not all!
- There are charming animations!
- Secret backstories!
- TOO much gossip!

There’s more!!
- Emotional baggage!
- Alarming puppetry!
- A condescending narrator!

Depressed clowns!
Fear of mortality!
The true meaning of friendship!
Where am I?!?

Well... we think that list has cleared things up. Before we wrap up, though, let's have a quick look over the physical and collector's editions, which will be launching on Serenity Forge's website this summer.

The standard edition of the game will include:

  • A copy of the game
  • Eight stylized random Habitician trading cards
  • A high-quality 13-Sticker Sheet featuring characters and items from the game
  • A soundtrack download card for all those remastered tunes

The Collector's Edition, however, will boast:

  • A copy of the game
  • Four Acrylic Standees
  • A soundtrack download card for all those remastered tunes
  • Happiness Fakts full-fledged desk calendar
  • Two inked stamps
  • A Smile For Me-branded microfiber cloth
  • All 24 Habitician Trading Cards
  • Nine unique window cling stickers
  • A high-quality 13-Sticker Sheet featuring characters and items from the game
  • A double-sided acrylic charm of Kamal
  • A gorgeous lenticular art card
  • A stand-out Collector’s Edition box

Both look pretty lovely, and they'll be must-haves for fans of the game. But we reckon this could be a really special one — we honestly can't think of any other game like Smile For Me.

To close out, let's hear from developer LimboLane from the press release:

"We're thrilled that console audiences can experience the weird (chewy?) story of the Habitat,” said LimboLane Games. “Smile For Me is a uniquely bizarre adventure game, and an excellent reason to kiss your game console right on the screen.”

“We should clarify,” added LimboLane. “This isn’t a game mechanic. Just a nice thing to do.”

Ah... well, thanks for clearing that up, then!

Will you be nodding away at Smile For Me when it launches on 24th April? Give us a nod in the comments.