Citizen Sleeper Key Art
Image: Fellow Traveller

Citizen Sleeper, a tabletop-inspired RPG, completely blew us away last year with its incredible writing, haunting music, and stunning art design. And on 30th March, the story will conclude with its last piece of free DLC with Episode: PURGE.

Following on from the two previous free DLCs — FLUX and REFUGE — PURGE introduces another new character and some additional story to Erlin's Eye, and will conclude the story of the Sleeper and expand further on the wider narrative of the Helion System, where the game is set. Not much else is known, but we're sure it'll be a moving, thought-provoking experience.

One of the next characters, on the right of the key art below, will be a long-haired person who we assume is visiting Erlin's Eye.

Citizen Sleeper DLC
Image: Fellow Traveller

Plus, to celebrate the launch of the final DLC episode, Citizen Sleeper will be 30% off on the Switch eShop — a bargain for a game which has an excellently-told story and will have you rolling the dice time and time again.

Have you played any of the DLC episodes for Citizen Sleeper? Let us know in the comments, sleepers!