Resident Evil 7
Image: Capcom

While in most cases you're required to buy a cloud game outright on the Nintendo Switch, over in Japan, there are certain cloud releases that can actually be rented. Resident Evil 7 (known as the Biohazard series in this region) happens to be one of them, but it seems this offer will soon be removed from the local Switch eShop.

As highlighted by the folks at Siliconera, the option to redeem the "rental version" of Resident Evil 7 Cloud will end on 29th May 2023. Capcom has already cut off sales of the rental version, but anyone who purchased a rental pass before 1st December 2022 will still be able to redeem it up until the end of May.

After this, players with a rental ticket (which is meant to last 180 days) will have the option to purchase the "unlimited-access" version of the game at a discounted price. Over here in the west, players have the option to download a free demo of the RE7 cloud experience to try it out before they actually pay for it.

Have you given any of the Resident Evil cloud games a go on the Nintendo Switch? Have you played any games via a cloud service before? Comment below.

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